A huge wrestler, muscular and very strong.


He has a large head and neck, his arms are giant, and he has a tattoo of an eagle on his chest. His skin is dark for a northerner, but not as dark as the imperials. He is missing a finger on his left hand, and his ear is scarred. His chest is very broad and muscular, as are his thighs and legs. He crouches in the traditional wrestling posture and looks eager to begin a match.

His hair is dirty blond, but his beard is dark. It is not long, but not cropped too close either. He wears a cloth to keep it back from his face. His eyes are an intense blue.

Winnings today:

1 lb wool


Floginhein of Karnhill is a wrestler. He goes from town to town with his band of bodyguards, who he hires, as well as his prize – whatever it might be that year. He fights for coin or goods and returns them to his town where he lives quite well. He is currently on another expedition, trying to earn a name for himself. He is quite popular in his town.


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